Cultural Portal of House and Field Names

Welcome to the Cultural Portal of House and Field Names - Carinthia (A) and Slovenia (SI)!

Interactive map

The cultural portal of Slovene field- and house names and the corresponding database have been prepared within the EU-project FLU-LED. The database contains professionally revised field- and house names collected by professionals or volunteers including additional data from the collection forms as well as the collected multimedia data. Visitors to the web portal can view and download all available data.
Interactivity constitutes the basic principle of the web portal, meaning that registered users are invited to enter new field- and house names with appropriate additional information and multimedia data. All collected and entered data are subsequently available for to the general public and can be downloaded and used for private, cultural, touristic and scientific purposes.
The interactive presentation of the spatial data happens by the means of free web mapping applications – at the present the portal operate with OSM, basemap (only for Austria) and google satellite. The quality, completeness and actuality of the portal are based on the ongoing supplement and extension of the available data on the part of the users as well as on the maintenance of the data base and the possible supplementation of background maps.

How to use this site

  • Use the link "interactive map" and open the map with Slovene field- and house names.
  • Click on the layer icon on the right side of the map to change the background map.
  • Click on a house or field name in the map additional information to the name will pop up – if available.
  • If you want to contribute, please register yourself. Newly added data ist ckecked before beeing published. Further information to the portal and more detailed instructions for its use can be found in the user manual (Download section )
  • If you want to collect field data, please use the data collection manual, the collection sheet and the field maps (only for south Carinthia) provided in the Download section.

The collected names are published under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons License 3.0 Austria, with following link to the license The data can be downloaded for non-commercial use and distribution. The quotation of FLU-LED partners as holders of the rights has to be performed as follows:
Data source: FLU-LED – Initiative for the preservation of historical house and field names -